Welcome to the Catalina Island
Buccaneers Annual Event OCT 3 - 6th 2013

Catalina's West End Adventures!

Thank you for being part of this very fun event this year. I'm sure you will have a fantastic time.


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Belize 43 pictured above that you will be sailing on for the Oct 3-6 trip to Catalina Island.



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    $100 Deposit on Catalina trip Oct 3-6, 2013.

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Thank you, and happy sailing, looking forward to seeing you soon!





Captain Brad





Other Information - Terms and Conditions

Cook  Discount - We are seeking one qualified cook for the event. The cook will receive one single birth (or 1/2 double birth) for the reduced rate of $185 for the entire event ($400 discount). Duties are preparation of 3 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners for the attendees. Dishwashing and clean up will be a shared responsibility of the event members as directed by the skipper. Food is paid for by Captain Bradley and the cook will assist in planning the menu and be in close communication with Captain Bradley prior to the event. All other status and eligibility for the cook is similar to other published information.

Camping Discount - If you choose to camp on the island and NOT use sleeping quarters on the boat, the trip price is $75 pp for the ride out and back to Catalina. We can accommodate approximately 4 campers. This includes the general day use of the boat. For campers food/drinks are included for the day of riding out and return trip. Food/ drinks are NOT included for other days. Camping reservations MUST be made in advance via the Catalina Island Camping website:  http://www.visitcatalinaisland.com/avalon/camp_twoHarbors.php. Costs for camping, food etc are NOT included and are the responsibility of the campers.

Participation Eligibility - The trip is open to all persons 18 or older, (no persons under 18 please). Participants should be healthy, agile, fit, and possess the ability and proactive amicable disposition to pitch in and help when needed as directed by the skipper. Participants should be comfortable with working and coexisting in proximity with other shipmates while on the boat. We expect smooth sailing but weather and sea conditions are subject to change without notice and participants should be able to cope with offshore conditions. The trip and island and pirate party are of a highly festive and carefree if not audacious nature and best suited the young at heart. The park maintains 24 hour ranger service and the event is monitored closely by the USCG. Illegal Drugs are NOT allowed on this event. All applicants are subject to approval from Captain Bradley and applicants will be selected according to these parameters.

What You Need to Bring - Shoes with LIGHT COLORED SOLES ONLY - dark sole shoes will NOT be allowed on the yacht. Sleeping bag, pillow, (bedding can be rented from the yacht company for an additional $25.00), minimum clothes for 4 days of cool, or windy conditions, warm, and swimming conditions, pirate costumes are optional but highly recommended, shower and bath supplies, sun screen, hat, tennis or hiking shoes, sunglasses, beach towel, hair dryer, camera, music device like iPod etc, chargers for devices. No hard suitcases, all items should be packed in Nylon Bags only. NO Paper BAGS or cardboard BOXES. You may bring any special items you wish or require this includes alcohol or food. Large bags are cumbersome on yachts so pack accordingly and minimally. You may bring any recreational toys, scuba or snorkel equipment etc. For diving or extended swimming a moderate wetsuit is recommended.

Refund Policy - Generally there are NO REFUNDS for any reason so please plan carefully. That said refunds may be issued under the following circumstances. 1) Captain Bradley cancels the trip. 2) If for some reason the leasing office deems the vessel not seaworthy and an equal or better replacement can NOT be obtained. 3) If the event sells out and full payment is received from additional eligible applicants. Refunds may be issued AFTER the determining factor.

In the event you are not able to participate for ANY reason, you have the following options: 1) You may sell, barter, or give your reservation to another person in which case the second party must meet and are subject to the participation eligibility policy above. Captain Bradley is NOT responsible for selling your reservation or locating persons or transferring your reservation or contacting other persons for you. We will continue to advertise and publish any and all available seat(s) up to the day of the event. Open seats will be sold by Captain Bradley up to the point that the event is sold out, in which case Captain Bradley will refer any additional applicants to those persons who have made payments for the event and who have elected not to attend. Final payment is due August 30, 2013. Reservations will not be guaranteed beyond August 30 with a partial payment. In the event payment is incomplete after August 30, 2013 and there is a waiting list Captain Bradley retains the option to notify the delinquent party and sell the reservation to fully funded and approved applicants and issue a refund to the delinquent party once the trip is sold out. All the afore mentioned conditions apply to any partial or full (where applicable) payment towards the event.

Liability - This is NOT a charter event. Participants are sharing the cost of the boat rental, food and other incurred expenses. Participants are attending at their own choice and understand that travel, sailing, hiking, swimming and any and ALL other activities indicated or not and experienced during this event carry some inherent element of risk. Participants should be aware of their surroundings at all times and use safe judgment. Participants must have their own health insurance coverage. Captain Bradley assumes no liability for persons or possessions on this event. By submitting payment for the event participants acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions as set forth in this notice dated 5/20/2013.