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Things to remember when planning a successful day of sailing!

  1. Please wear shoes with light colored souls only. (gum, white, light grey etc.- Dark colors mark the boat).
  2. Bring sunscreen, camera, sunglasses, hats, and Music CDs or iPods.
  3. Dress in layers, preparing for fairly cool moments, and rather warm times as well.
  4. Pack items in nylon bags, do not bring paper bags of things, as they rip and spill.
  5. You may bring alcohol, but drink responsibly. Please no drugs. Cigars etc on aft deck.
  6. Please No Pets ;(
  7. For maximum enjoyment, limit alcohol the previous evening, and get plenty of sleep.
  8. Limit caffeine on the morning of sailing, (caffeine slightly increases the risk of seasickness)
  9. Have fun, wear a funny hat or something, create a theme for your group!
  10. The water can be very warm (75+) in the north bay and swimming is common - so plan accordingly.
  11. If your event plans include anchoring for lunch or BBQ plan for an extra 1 to 2 hours for that.
  12. Bring a special gift for the captain ;) - It's an ancient seafaring tradition that will bring good luck to the trip!
  13. Generally speaking, this is an All day event, it is advisable to leave plenty of time after this event before your next appointment.
  14. Remember it will take at least about 45 minutes from SF or about 50 minutes from East Bay areas.